Why Iran’s Hardliners Welcome Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Iran’s state television, operating under the control of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, has been supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine during the past two days.

Asr Iran website in Tehran wrote on Friday that Iranian conservatives have been cheerfully welcoming Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The website quoted some conservatives as saying that the United States has left Ukraine alone in the face of invasion and other countries should not count on US support.

The website noted that the state TV does not use the words “attack” or “invasion” about Russia’s move and constantly talks about Russia’s “special operation.” According to the website, the state TV praises Putin for his “authoritarian rule” as an element that reinforces likeminded people in Iran in their confrontation with the supporters of Western liberalism.

Conservative commentator Jalal Khoshchehreh warned the Iranian government that Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Iran’s support for it will promote separatism in the rest of the world.



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