The death of Gaddafi is still being felt by Libya’s neighbours

Libya is a bad place — there are no laws there, They say that since he died, everything has changed.”

“He” is Muammer Gaddafi. Stories of brutality and abuse are common among the hundreds of thousands of people who have passed through Libya in the decade since the dictator was overthrown and the oil-rich north African country descended into chaos and conflict.

Libya became a kind of ventre mou — a vulnerable point — for all the neighbouring countries. all these countries to some extents are having problems because we do not have stability in Libya. Extremists used Gaddafi’s arsenal to expand their activities in the Sahel.

No region has paid more than the Sahel itself, where thousands have been killed and millions displaced in spiralling violence that began with the fall of northern Mali after the return of thousands of armed mercenaries who had worked for Gaddafi.



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