Closing Mosques and Abducting Imams, Houthis’ Strange Campaign

On Monday, May 10, the terrorist group attacked the faithful of the mosque of the village “al-Rowad” in the governorate of Al-Mahwit, north-west of the capital, Sanaa. The assault took place in full “Tarawih” prayer (supererogatory prayer for the month of Ramadan). The ensuing clashes resulted in the death of the imam of the mosque.

On the first Friday of the month of Ramadan, the Houthis raided the “al-Saeed” mosque, one of the largest mosques in Dhamar governorate, closed it and kidnapped its imam, Sheikh Yusef al- Helmani, to lead him to an unknown destination. They also kidnapped the Imam and preacher of the Mayfaa District Grand Mosque, Sheikh Abdul Kafi Al-Basir.

Houthi militia had launched fierce campaigns against places of worship and that during the month of Ramadan they transformed most of the mosques that are in the areas that it controls. Two hundred mosques were arbitrarily closed by the militia in different governorates of Yemen, and this during the month of Ramadan, that is to say in only 30 days.

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