Amazigh New Year, Yennayer

Starting on Tuesday 12 January, Amazigh people in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, and parts of Egypt, as well as the diaspora, will celebrate Yennayer, the Amazigh new year.

The year 2021 in the Gregorian calendar marks the year 2971 for the Amazigh, who are also known as the Imazighen.

In recent times, the celebration of Yennayer has taken on an added significance as a way of keeping the Amazigh cultural identity alive.

Yennayer is celebrated by both the Amazigh, whose culture has its roots in pre-Arab North Africa, and Arab communities in the Maghreb region, and some parts of Egypt.

The term “Yennayer” is also the name given to the first month of the Amazigh calendar.

Some Arabs in Morocco and Algeria refer to it as “aam filahi” [agrarian year]. Yennayer festivities are becoming more widely acknowledged as more North Africans take an interest in Amazigh culture and its origins.

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