Northwest Syria is currently experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 cases after the initial wave reported in November 2020. Surveillance teams in Northwest Syria have confirmed 76,967 cases of COVID-19 to date. On October 3rd alone, 1,016 new cases were confirmed, and test positivity rates have reached as high as 61%. The rapid spread is due to the Delta variant, which has been detected in 98% of new cases. COVID-19 health facilities are overwhelmed with patients. 5 out of 9 isolation units are at or over capacity, and ventilators in ICU units treating COVID-19 patients are at 98% utilization.

The situation is rapidly deteriorating, and they need more resources to be able to combat this current wave.

Patrick George Zaki is a researcher on gender issues for the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR).

He wrote about his experiences as a Coptic Christian in Egypt which has gone on trial on the charge of spreading false news.

He was arrested in February 2020 at Cairo airport upon his return from Italy, where he had been studying.

The lawyers also alleged that he was subjected to torture, including with electric shocks, while being questioned about his activism and the EIPR, which is one of Egypt’s leading human rights organisations

Last February, a Guardian newspaper report highlighted that more than 6,500 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have died in Qatar since it won the right to host the World Cup in 2011. Not all the workers were working on World Cup stadium but a large majority were working on construction and infrastructure projects.

Knowing these abuses of Qatar on migrant workers prompted high-profile national teams to protest the situation, leading to increased pressure on the World Cup hosts.

In the next few weeks, the Dutch FA wants to engage with fans and politicians to open a wider debate. Please support this campaign and support the change for the migrant workers.

It comes more than 11 months into a brutal war in northern Ethiopia that, according to UN estimates, has driven hundreds of thousands of people into famine-like conditions.

Multiple recordings surfaced online of Achieng and another senior UN official granting a lengthy interview to Jeff Pearce, a writer who has published multiple articles defending the government’s conduct of the war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

She calls the TPLF “dirty” and “vicious”.

At one point she accuses the rebels of plotting to have Tigrayan migrant workers facing deportation from Saudi Arabia sent to Rwanda.

Six people were killed Sunday in a car-bomb attack targeting the governor of Aden. Aden governor Ahmed Lamlas and Salem al-Socotri, a government minister, both survived the blast which went off as their convoy passed.

Five members of the entourage were killed and 11 others, of whom three were civilians, were wounded in the attack. One person later succumbed to his injuries, bringing the death toll to six.

President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi called the attack a “terrorist operation.

Dozens of Afghan women activists held protests in Afghanistan demanding political and social inclusion. They will not stop resisting until their role in the new government is clarified.

The Taliban has repeatedly said that women have the right to education, work and political inclusion in the government but the on-ground situation in Afghanistan shows that all these are mere words by the Taliban.

Syrian air defenses responded on Friday night to an Israeli strike targeting a military airbase in the country’s central province of Homs, Syrian state media said. The airstrike wounded six soldiers, the report said.

Over the past years, Israel is believed to have been behind many strikes inside government-controlled parts of Syria.

Israel has acknowledged it is going after bases of Iran-allied militias, such as the powerful Lebanese militant Hezbollah group fighting on the side of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces in the civil war, and suspected arms shipments believed to be bound for the Iran-backed Hezbollah.

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI named a new government on Thursday after last month’s election, keeping the foreign and interior ministers in place but appointing Nadia Fettah Alaoui as finance minister.

The new government will be led by billionaire tycoon Aziz Akhannouch whose liberal National Rally of Independents (RNI) came first in the election, trouncing the incumbent conservative Justice and Development Party (PJD) in elections last month.

Faith Murunga, a 30-year-old domestic worker living in Kwa Ndege area in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, left the country on Christmas Day of 2019 for what she hoped would be greener pastures in Saudi Arabia.

However, it wasn’t long before her dream of a brighter future turned into a nightmare due to the harshness and cruelty of her new employer, Raeed Ayan Qeran Al Naz, in Saudi Arabia’s Arar city.

Faith went to Saudi Arabia as a domestic worker, but her employer — a caterer — forced her to do catering which was not in her contract.

Driven by lack of employment at home, and high demand for migrant labor in the Gulf, thousands of Kenyans leave each year searching for better opportunities in the Middle East.

When Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress in April, prompted by the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook’s CEO promised to give written answers to dozens of questions from lawmakers.

Several lawmakers also probed Facebook about who its competitors are — intended to make the company reckon with whether or not it’s a monopoly.

When Zuckerberg was asked this question in April, he avoided answering it head on. First he listed Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, and then broke the notion of “competitor” down into categories.

In nearly every space — photo sharing, mobile gaming, video streaming — Facebook has products that look like a competitors. Facebook can swallow them up with its sheer size.


News, stories, and updates from Middle East and from the world. Critical researcher on migrant governance and human rights in Turkey and in the Mid East.

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